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Fire Fighting Equipment Maintenance and Its Importance

Fire fighting equipment protects people and companies in the event of a fire accident. Keep people safe wherever they live and work. Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment designed for occupant safety according to relevant standards is essential. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly inspections are carried out to ensure equipment functionality and to maintain all other aspects of fire safety management. You can also learn more about fire fighting equipment via

When inspecting fire fighting equipment, which is usually provided by the installer or his representative or even by a service organization, trained personnel should be involved. Equipment including fire alarms and alarm systems; Portable fire extinguishers; Gas, foam and dust extinguishing systems; Smoke evacuation systems, including systems using pressure differentials; Evacuation elevator for persons with disabilities; Fireplug; Hose reel; fire pipe; Fire doors and stuff like that.

Maintenance plan for fire protection equipment

The standard plan provides regular support and round-the-clock calling service. The comprehensive package includes all the technicians, registration fees, and services of the Standard Plus plan. However, no fees will be paid in the event of equipment damage by users, third parties, or natural disasters. Replacement of all major parts is paid according to all plans.

Services offered

Basic fire extinguisher maintenance services are carried out annually. Safety clips and indicators are checked to see if the fire extinguisher is working. The camp pressure fire extinguisher pressure indicator should then be checked to see if the pressure limit is within normal limits. The housing of the fire extinguisher should be inspected for corrosion, dents or damage. Hoses, horn and nozzle checked. Equipment is weighed for content loss. The operating instructions have been checked for correctness and legibility. Check the gas cartridge in the appropriate fire extinguisher.

The main requirement in any room is the availability of fully functional fire fighting equipment. Regular maintenance checks with a proper schedule are essential.