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Essential Medical Supplies: Wound Care Dressings

Medicine has come a very long way from its primitive origins when illness has been often treated as a condition with supernatural roots.

There is a variety of wound dressing that a medical care specialist may select to apply. The type of dressing relies on the types of wounds, including its size and location. If you are looking for treatment for wound care then you can consider wound care center Abingdon MD.

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A wound dressing is also designed to collect any liquid like pus or blood which drains out of the wound. In critical cases, once the wound is infected, the dressing can absorb any odor.

The dressing should also be non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Traditionally, cotton and linen have been used as bandages and dressings on wounds. Today, stores selling health supplies inventory several kinds of grooming. The most common of these is gauze. Gauze is a net-like cloth which is very lightweight.

A semi-permeable dressing is a type of dressing used on shallow wounds. It is composed of a sterile sheet which makes it much easier to test on the wound beneath.

The hydro-fiber dressing is also a rather new sort of dressing that is made up of a non-woven pad. It's very acceptable for partial-thickness burns, ulcers, and stab wounds. 

It remains in contact with moisture and seals a wound, allowing some air to enter. This type of dressing could be worn for many days, making it a cost-effective option.