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Discounts And Advantages in Civil Service

Civil Service only includes Crown employees. People in the parliamentary field, National Health Service employees and teachers are not considered as Civil servants. 

Country or city employees are also not regarded as civil servants. You can get a civil servant loan and to know more about ‘cheap civil servant loans’ (also known as ‘billige Beamtenkredite’ in the German language), you can search online.

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Civil servants are mostly recruited by government organizations on the basis of professional merit which is done through competitive examinations.

Many advantages are offered to all officials who have served in their respective organizations. Wages are close to industry standards and a variety of other benefits and incentives are offered, such as Vouchers for child care, flexible working hours and retirement benefits.

Let's discuss some of the benefits in brief.

Non-Profit Public Service Fund (CSBF)

The CSBF team assists civil servants with proper advice and financial assistance in investing, increasing savings, etc.

This type of support applies not only to employees, but also to relatives and family members of employees.

Special assistance related to debt management, housing mortgages, etc. Also can be used.

Public health

CS Healthcare offers low-budget health insurance that applies to employees who have worked for any public service organization.

Any surplus funds are reinvested into the society which helps in keeping the insurance premiums at the lowest rate possible.