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Delights of Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is one of the most popular types of food in the USA, there are thousands of curry houses in many cities. There are more than 10,000 Indian restaurants in the USA and if all the Masala Chicken Tikka sold in a year are stacked with each other, they will be 2,770 times higher than the Millennium Dome.

You can visit to know about different Indian food dishes. The reason for why people are so obsessed with this exotic food, whether it might be spicy which is often lacking in their own food, or rich cream curry like Chicken Korma that appeals to their tastes.

India is a very large country and many of its culinary histories have been influenced by other countries and cultures. The Persians introduced a variety of rich ingredients and nuts like the Chinese did. You will also find that Thai and Malaysian foods are strongly influenced by Indian cuisine, which has made them make their own delicious curries.

Whatever it is, the love for Indian food is far more than you think. You will find that Indian cuisine differs from one region to another in the north which is famous for bread dishes such as Roti and Paratha. Whereas, if you travel east you will find that sweet dishes like Rasagolla, which are balls of savory cheese dipped in syrup are very popular.

You might not find this dish at a local Indian restaurant. This is because over time Indian food has been adjusted to our tastes and that is why you find dishes like Korma and Vindaloo on most Indian food menus.