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Decorative Wall Cladding In Central Coast

Decorative wall cladding is used to enhance the exterior or interior of a building. It can be used on existing decorated surfaces or un-decorated surfaces i.e.; plastered walls, brick walls, etc.

Wall cladding in Central Coast usually consists of large hygienic plastic sheets, of various sizes and designs. The decorative cladding sheets are joined to each other, and these are secured to the walls with screws.

The fixings or screws are hidden by the cladding itself, and this makes a more visually appealing installation. These systems are available in a huge range of colors and designs, and the various styles will appeal to most customer's needs and tastes.

Wall cladding systems can be supplied in kit form or supplied and fitted by some suppliers. Decorative wall cladding may also be applied to ceilings and even some types of doors.

Decorative wall cladding panels are quick and easy to install and may be carried out by any competent DIY enthusiast.

Some of the components or fittings required for the installation of wall panels may include:

  • Internal and external corner fittings
  • Color strips
  • Endcap piece
  • Chrome coving fitting
  • Depending on the type and condition of the wall or ceiling will determine what type of fitting is needed.

If nails are to be used then they should be applied evenly and level in the lip of the panel, taking care not to strike the panel with the hammer. This method only applies if fixing the panels to a wooden surface or wood battening. Wall cladding is hygienic, cost-effective and gives a good finish.