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Computer Networking For Your Small Business

The small business network is really a great way to set up multiple computers to a single internet access. For a small business is a very efficient way to connect to a computer all your employees. You can allow access to as much or as little as you want.

There are two types of networks to choose from, wall plugs and wireless. The wireless connection is the easiest and least expensive to setup and access. You can also look for the best and top-ranked computer networking services for your small business by clicking at

However, you may need the help of electricity to run the cable if the computer is not in the same room. “Cat 5” cable or Ethernet cable network can require up to 300 feet long. You certainly do not want wires running across the floor, connect each computer.

So, you may need to install electrical wiring in the walls. Although the cable connection is more straight forward, there is no reason to use a wireless connection. Wireless networks a little more complex but allows you to access the internet without chained to a desk.

When you plan for your small business office network, keeping safety in mind. One of the unfortunate failures of the Internet is privacy. There are ways to monitor every keystroke and we can get a computer virus. It often sends them by email or when we access the site.

A virus can delete all your data. You will then need to enter all of your information again and start from scratch.