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Collapsible Trekking Poles: The Proper Way to Adjust Them According To Your Height

Do you love backpacking, trekking, hiking, skiing, and camping? Regardless of how often you can travel or climbing, trekking poles can make the adventure a lot more fun, with much less fatigue. Many people who are interested in getting trekking poles or hiking sticks but not quite sure how to use it.

Many people just take a stick in the wilderness that is about 4 feet long, it feels good in their hands, which is not too heavy and starts hiking. For short journeys, walking sticks work well, but once you've used specially designed trekking poles, you will quickly dispose of your hiking stick. 

Nowadays, the latest trekking poles are collapsible that can be adjusted according to length, have a spring-loaded shock absorber installed in them and have the advantage of molded grip. They come in all kinds of light materials, such as aluminum, titanium, pure carbon and carbon fiber. To get collapsible trekking poles, you can visit

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These adaptable trekking poles are becoming very popular because they can be quickly customized according to the need of the user. If you are looking at buying a fixed-length pole, it is important to walk around the store with several poles before buying to see how they feel for you.

When you have bought the right poles for you then you can adjust them according to your height. First, hold the horizontal pole. Adjust the bottom of the first. It may take some adjustment to get it right for your height. 

Many poles have a locking mechanism on each section. You simply adjust the length of each section and twist the locking mechanism. Some poles threaded and you just play the part of an individual to tighten them.