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Car Rental – How To Get The Best Car Rental Rates In Singapore?

Of course, the price of a car rental depends on which dealer you choose and how long you need the vehicle. To get the best car rental price, you need to determine what period you need the car. 

For example, if you don't want to rent a car for 3 days only to find out you need it for another 3 days, the dealers here charge the days the vehicle takes at their daily rate. Savings are made by booking for a week if there is a possibility that you will need a longer vehicle. Agents work on hourly car rental in Singapore, weekly and daily rates; It is always worth considering the weekly rate as it is usually lower than the daily rate.

Rental prices are constantly changing due to supply and demand and of course change depending on the season. You should book well in advance if you want to rent a car during the holiday season. 

Make sure you ask about special vacation rates as some rental companies will give you an extra day free during this period. Make sure you want dates during this period as agency cancellations during this period result in high fees.

To get the best value car rental rates, you need to shop around, find out the vehicle's lifetime, inquire about hidden fees and always book in advance.

Most car rental companies include express credit cards that allow drivers to use automated toll roads. In addition, they usually offer a GPS device to assist the driver with directions.

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