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Can Everyone Have LASIK Surgery?

LASIK surgery is one of the most common vision correction procedures and it is an outpatient procedure, with the treatment itself taking only minutes. 

LASIK surgery is done on roughly one million eyes each year on the planet and it's not any different than any other operation, but its drawbacks could be a bit different than many others. Also, here you can read more about the best laser eye surgery doctors in Los Angeles.

Can Everyone Have LASIK Surgery?

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Treatment using a Laser

Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) is meant to remove or reduce dependence on glasses or contacts. Laser eye surgery has become increasingly more popular as the year's progress but Laser Eye Surgery is not for everybody.

A process in this way can permanently reshape the cornea, that's the clear covering of the front part of the eye with the support of a laser.

There is a huge array of distinct optical lasers used in this process but common for all of these is the laser may remove some tissue in the cornea.

Who should not become LASIK patients

Patients who have reached or are near to attaining the age of 40 should consider their vision could be affected by circumstances that can't be treated with LASIK operation, including presbyopia.

Patients with specific medical conditions or taking certain medicines shouldn't pick LASIK surgery due to the implication that it may give.

Patients struck with a condition known as keratoconus are ineligible for the process and therefore are individuals that have elevated levels of refractive error.


Glasses and contacts may be quite a hassle and particularly for busy people on the move. Glasses are often broken or lost and contacts may eyes annoyed if not cared for correctly.

A LASIK eye surgery operation can fix your own eyes once and for all and spare you of eyeglasses for a lifetime.

LASIK operation is an outstanding procedure that's helped tens of thousands of individuals see better and can be an exciting chance for anybody who suffers from vision issues.