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Best Direct Mail Marketing Campaign Strategies

Direct mail marketing strategies specific campaign is really important to make sure that you restore your marketing investment. Read on to find ideas for a direct mail marketing campaign.

How it works?

There are 3 things you need to pop out to the letter or postcard: free offers, unconditional guarantee, and contact information. 

Almost every consumer will give anything a try if they do not have to spend money, whether they offer free samples or a money-back guarantee. Consumers feel comfortable with your product through an introductory offer of a free sample or arrange for them to be ready to buy. Remember, though, they could not follow up if you do not provide your contact information easily – without it, chances are they simply will not bother.

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How to View

Direct mail materials must contain:

1. Copy short, sweet and to the point.

2. Subheadings easy to read, with lots of white space that is comfortable.

3. Bullet points.

4. Rich and impressive imagery.

You must make your mailer is very interesting that the customers will not hesitate to throw it away!

How Many Contacts

According to marketing experts, it takes about 7 times where you have to contact the customer before a sale is made. If your goal is seven contacts, you may want to send direct mailers once a month for seven months or a few times a year over a period of years, depending on the nature of your product.