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Benefits Of Keeping A Yoga Journal

Keeping a yoga journal is something you want to consider doing. People keep a journal for many reasons – daily activities/events, setting work and life goals and what was done to meet them, how you're feeling and what you're thinking, etc.

If you go to the gym regularly, you will definitely see people in the gym of writing down what exercises to do, how many reps and whatever they track. It would stand to reason that you can also keep a journal of yoga.

You can also use reusable smart notebook for writing your journals. If you want to know more about reusable smart notebooks, then you can also check out here.

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Having a yoga journal would be beneficial, especially if you are doing yoga for a specific reason. Perhaps you have an injury, disease or other physical problems and want to track to see what the poses seem to have a better effect, causing you may want to avoid; as well as, how you are progressing.

It is always nice to see and know that you are making progress. Imagine the first time you try to bend forward and could only reach forward as far as the edge of the bed if that far.

Then, with practice, you are able to do a full forward bend, even if you still need help with using some yoga blocks. That is great progress and noteworthy.

There is a possibility that a doctor, therapist or nutritionist you want to track your activities so that they can recommend the following actions based on the journal and the results of doctor appointments.