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Basic Information about the Fiberglass Exterior Doors

Perhaps the best products available to homeowners looking to purchase doors are fiberglass exterior doors. Exterior doors fiberglass have custom capabilities stain, glass, decorative metal sculptures, and finish. These doors are built to look like all aspects of wooden doors, they are designed to replace. Range of finishes from a high gloss to a low luster and can be tinted to match the spot that is used for treating wood surfaces. If you are looking for the exterior doors in Winnipeg for your home then you can visit

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These doors can also be purchased primed and ready for the owner to paint a custom color or purchased in the color of their choice. The surface of the fiberglass exterior doors also another option for the consumer to choose. With other features that resemble wooden doors, fiberglass can be smooth or with a texture of the wood grain.

Unlike exterior doors, wooden doors fireproof due to the fiberglass core and can have fire resistance. The fire resistance can be 20 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes or 90 minutes depending on the door.

Although the doors are built to keep damage out of the fire, they are also designed to maintain the beneficial temperature set on the thermostat by the owner. Fiberglass is a barrier against many types of loss causation fire and the environment. These doors also withstand hurricane-force winds better than wood or composite wood.