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Are You Flying The Promotional Flag?

Making use of all available means for marketing types is the sensible approach. While many companies find maintaining the momentum of a marketing campaign rolling too much time and labor if budgets do not stretch far enough to provide the assistance from external sources. 

It is therefore imperative that a plan and a comprehensive strategy is in place, focusing on marketing efforts that are gaining the most attention, get the highest amount of the lowest investment exposure. Advertising banners is also an effective method. You can use flagpoles with banner arm (which is also called ‘ fahnenstange mit ausleger ’ in German) for the promotion of your business or brand. 

Choosing a solid company logo is important, but it should be more than just a pretty picture. It must withstand the test of time or at least a logo that could evolve and be updated over time without losing the original style. 

It should reflect what you do and the kind of business you are. Your company logo will then give direction to the rest of your marketing materials. From flyers and brochures, business cards, letterhead, on the website and e-newsletters should be a continuity with all the marketing tools you use. 

Whatever the medium, each letter, invoice, email that leaves your company should contain your logo that reflects your company culture and ethics.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing indicates that a potential customer should see information about a company 5-7 times before taking the registration information for future use. 

Therefore, it is useful to keep in mind the snowball effect your marketing campaigns have on your target market. If after several attempts to promote your service, your efforts seem to go unheard, it may take many more attempts before the fruits of your labor are received.