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Amblyopia – The Lazy Eye

Amblyopia is a condition in which there is a poor vision in the eyes that do not develop normal vision during early childhood.

This condition is commonly known as lazy eyes. It is normal for only one eye to be affected but it can occur in both eyes. If you're looking for eye care doctor for amblyopia treatment, you can browse this source:


* Amblyopia can be caused by strabismus or squint eyes. This is an imbalance in the position of both eyes. Eyes can cross (esotropia) or change (exotropia).

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Children only use eyes that are better for vision because squint eyes die to avoid "double vision" and cause squint eyes to fail to develop good vision.

* Uneven focus can cause amblyopia. Unequal focus is a condition in which one eye is more farsighted or shortsighted than the other eye. This can be corrected with the glasses worn.

* Cataracts can cause poor vision. Cataracts are a disease that obscures the clear lens in the eye. Care is needed to eliminate cataracts.


Care should be taken when the child is before eight years. Usually, there are two methods used.

* Patching: A patch worn over the strong eye so that the child is forced to use weak eyes. These filings are worn for several weeks to several months depending on the severity of the child's condition and development. This patch is called occlusion therapy and stimulates vision in the weak eye.

* Medication: This method involves widening strong eyes with drugs. This widening drug temporarily obscures vision and the child is forced to use weak eyes.

If the affected eye is not treated, serious and permanent visual defects can occur. In addition, depth perception may be lost. Therefore early care is needed to stop the damage.