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All About Gel Coat Repair

The first thing to do when starting repairs is to wash the damaged area with water and soap and then rinse it off.

If the surface is oxidized, you should return it to what you will use by rubbing the compound to match the color with a certain degree of accuracy. After the surface is cleaned dry, mark it with masking tape. You can get this service of damaged gel coat repair via:

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The next thing is to gouge out all the small and narrow cracks that are too deep to be removed with the help of the rubbing compound until they are wide enough to be filled with a gel coat paste.

Ideally, use a miniature grinding tool such as Dremel, but, if it does not exist, the sharp end of an ordinary can opener can also be used. The point is to open enough gaps to be able to push the gel layer inside the damaged area, or at least to expose enough damaged areas to be repaired.

After this, sand the area using 220 grit sandpapers. After the area has been sanded, use acetone to properly clean the area of the sanding residue and the wax that might break the bond between the gel-coat and the damaged area.

When working with substances such as acetone, be careful and use the right protection that ensures the safety of your skin and eyes.