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All About Digital Branding

Today, digital media is highly fragmented. Social media has invaded our lives through the web and mobile devices. Mobile apps are in themselves a separate media that advertisers can use to their advantage.

In such a scenario, digital branding is bound to be no longer confined under the focus of a single channel. Marketing today and in the future is going to be about divergence.

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A brand is a collective of the perception that people – employees, business partners, customers – have about a business. Today, the more innovative businesses are creating their brands through the multiple channels of the media that are around today.

Divergence and interactivity make the core of branding in the digital age. With new developments in technology, the split media is making it exciting for innovative marketers to reach out to customers.

The world is going mobile. Smartphones are becoming more important to the consumer. Social media sites and social networking is big. Users share everything from their views about brands to their opinions on the products that they use. They use mobile apps that can in themselves be excellent tools for marketing.

But the term 'digital' is not limited to the mobile and the web. It includes any device that can have a database connected to it. So content today can reach out to users across a number of newer media, not merely through the traditional.

Further, the customer is king. It is only by engaging customers that their interest can be sustained in a crowded market. There can be a high level of interactivity between brand and customer on social media sites.