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Free IP Call : Business Concept

The Internet very quickly became the established network choice for the transport of data, commercial transactions and the diffusion of audio/vidéo.

The development of voice over the Internet was slow, not because the Internet does not have the capacity to transport voice communications, but of the rather critical nature of the transmission times of the voice.

Just until recently voice over IP was always prone to delay in the times and echoes of transmission. These problems are now largely solved.

There exists many ways of obtaining voice over the Internet services, using various signal and control protocols. Certain examples include :

  • Signal concepts of the Telecom industry : H323
  • Control concepts of the Telecom industry : Softswitches
  • Internet Protocols : Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

The concept of Free IP Call telephony allows any process on any platform, by reaching anywhere in the world using the Internet for new types of services and communications.

The utilisation of SIP for the transmission of voice, video and data places telephony as another service, which is useful as it addresses the same type of data, protocols and model of Internet security. A distinct network is therefore no more necessary.

The open and distributed nature of this service can allow many innovations, similar with what is being produced for the Internet and the economic model resulting from this.

Telephony over IP is an evolution of the switched telephone network and Free IP Call well intends to contribute and evolve to it.