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A Quick Read On Sustainable Straw Alternatives

Several sustainable and eco-friendly straws options for in place of plastic straws. There are several other options available for people looking to reduce their plastic and paper waste. 

Here we have discussed a few sustainable eco friendly straw alternatives. You can find the best sustainable straws in Amsterdam via various online sources.

sustainable straws

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Stainless steel straw

The first sustainable straw alternative for those looking to reduce waste is a stainless steel straw. Stainless steel straws, like (metal) straw, are reusable, washable, extremely durable, and dishwasher safe. 

Very often they are used to washing with pipe cleaners. Besides, they don't change the taste of your drink and look more attractive. 

Glass straw

Glass straws are sustainable, reusable, durable and dishwasher safe. They are available in various lengths, diameters and colors.

Bamboo straw

A straw made from organic pine from renewable forests is a fantastic lightweight substitute. After training on bamboo straws, mulch after a few months. The bonus is that they are great for mocktails and soft drinks.

Avoid Drinking From Straw

The most sustainable solution for the environment with absolutely no straw. If possible, choose not to find a straw with your drink. If you're a brewer, don't give your customers a straw unless they ask for it.