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A list of Wine Glasses to Enjoy Wine


If you consume wine casually, then it is fine to consume it direct from the bottle or use cups, coffee mugs or jars. However, wine glasses exist for a reason and that is why we see many top-class restaurants serving wine in a beautifully shaped glass. If you wish to know what they are, then these are a variety of wine glasses you should know about.

  1. White Wine Glass – This glass is perfect for those who love and admire white wines. This type of glass helps in maintaining the wines cool temperature that leads to preserving the acidity and aromas of the wine.
  2. Bordeaux Glass – Aged wines such as the likes of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon are known to be had in this type of glass. Thanks to wide opening and large surface, the wine becomes more-smoother in terms of taste and also the alcohol evaporates quickly.
  3. Red Wine Glass – If you love red wines and admire the taste of the spices and tannins, then the red wine glass is made for you. Thanks to the wide opening of the glass, it helps the wine to become more-smoother as soon as it hits the throat.
  4. Standard Red Wine Glass – This type of glass is perfect for those who enjoy the high alcohol content of certain red wines. Moreover, this type of glass has small openings allowing the spices to hit the throat directly.

These are some of the best types of wine glasses. You must also consider taking a few swan valley wine tours to learn more on wines.