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A Guide To Florence, Italy

Florence is widely known as the place that gave us great artists like Michelangelo, Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli. It is the center of the Renaissance and as a result the home of art and wisdom of thinkers of ancient times.

It is therefore not surprising that Florence offers one of the largest collections of memorabilia Renaissance. You can join our newsletter to know more about Italy's tour.

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Located next to the Arno River and in the foothills of the Apennines, every inch of Florence is a beautiful city that we often see painted on the back of a postcard. The setting is so serene that it was a perfect vacation spot to recharge your batteries or to spend quality time with your partner.

It is not difficult to imagine why the city is inspiring people to create art. The atmosphere in the whole city is so magical it started to draw you, the moment you set foot in the city.

The best way to know Florence is on foot and without a map or guide.

The roads are narrow and that gives the impression to the tourists from their ancient beginning.

Florence has a lot to offer to tourists the first time. Starting with the Uffizi Gallery, it houses some of the most significant works related to the Renaissance period.

Another item to enjoy are the local wines, they have the power to transport you to the real world. Overall local food is off the charts and leaves the tour with an unforgettable experience.

Out of town stores and flea markets provide many discounts and as a result, are always filled with tourists.