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4 Figures Associated With Short Women

Most people, or perhaps we should say ‘most men’, will look at a woman’s figure from fairly simplistic terms. Short, fat, skinny and tall are just several of the basic terms to describe a woman’s appearance although if we were to analyze the industry in more depth, the experts tend to use slightly more sophisticated language to define the female physique.

In fact, for this guest blog post, we’re going to look at petite women in particular. There are usually four types of shape associated with the short woman and if you happen to fall into any of those categories, read on to find out which features you should be emphasizing and how you should be dressing.


If you’re based in the UK, you’ll probably refer to this as an ‘egg timer’ figure but the experts tend to define it the American way. Nevertheless, no matter where you are from, the hourglass is a figure that can be negotiated very easily. If you have not gathered yet, it describes a woman who is balanced both on the top and the bottom – meaning the hips and bust measurements are very similar.

To emphasize the most positive parts of your body, you should look to wear anything that brings your shoulders or waistline to attention. However, make sure that you stay away from any straight clothes that drape from your shoulders beyond your waist, as this can hide the most impressive part of your body. You can browse to get more information about it.

Inverted Triangle

This is probably one of the more uncommon shapes found on the shorter woman and if you scour the magazines or on petite fashion blogs, you’re unlikely to see too much featured on it. Nevertheless, it does exist and can be described as the shoulders being significantly wider than the hips – thus creating the inverted triangle shape.

If you are one of the few that have such a body shape, the solutions are obvious. You simply need to minimize the bust area as much as possible, with this allowing more attention to be placed on the impressive waistline. The danger of the inverted triangle is that too much attention is placed on the upper body and this can make some women appear quite masculine.


Unfortunately, the build of a short woman means that it’s quite easy for the rectangle to become a square. It means there is little difference between the shoulder, waist and hip measurements, creating quite a straight body shape.

It would be fair to say that shorter women have it all to do with this body type, as they have to both look taller and try and place as much emphasis on the waistline as possible. The latter is particularly hard although if you are a fan of belts, you might be in luck, as this can be the easiest way to define that waistline and cut out the rectangle shape.


We looked at the inverted triangle earlier in this article and the standard triangle is merely opposite to this. The bust is narrow, while the hips are wide – meaning that one needs to do the exact opposite of what was recommended for the upside-down triangle.

This is one of the most common figures known to women although it can be easy to negotiate, with investments in clothing that emphasize the bust and waistline being simple alterations to improve the shape.